Is it Safe to Leave your Cat in Cat Care for a Long Time?

Leaving pet alone for any reason is a hard decision for all animals’ owners. Animals such dog has sensitive emotion associated with separation which also known as separation anxiety. The anxiety come for the fact that animals can’t cope well with the separation between them and their owners. Actually, if we want to admit it, not only the pet that felt this way, owners would also feel the guilty and worries every moment.

All the thoughts of will dog miss you, will dog feel abandoned if you leave him on holiday, what will dogs do when they miss you? Did he would make a scene while you are gone, and many more. Therefore, you would always be suggested to prepare your pet dog before leave him. Actually, if you think that dog is the only pet that able to feel separation anxiety, the truth is cat also one of the victim of this emotional problem.

Therefore, for you all the cat’ person, you need to know how to prepare cat emotionally before you travel, you need to know how long can you leave a cat alone during vacation. Cats might seems appeared as though and kind of “didn’t need anyone” style, but you would absolutely surprise to know that cat is not a very good loner. They still need accompany and that’s strengthen our decision to plan everything as perfect as possible before you leave them alone.

For all the consideration, a lot of people decided to entrust their pet cats to home boarding or cat care. This facility was provided all the needs of cat from food and professional caretaker to take a good care of your beloved one. The easiness that offered by the facility attracted cat’ owners, but, the real question would appear: is it safe to leave your cat in cat care for a long time? This topic would be discuss in today’ article; so, stay with us, folks!

Leave your Cat Alone

People always think that cats are able to cope with alone time because they were natural independent animals. Apparently, this mindset is totally false. Yes, cats are independent animals, but they are not total loners. Therefore, you should expect your cat to be upset with you if you leave her in such a long time without any companion. This fact makes all of cats’ owners question themselves, how long you could leave your cat alone at home?

Well, generally, all cats are very cope with a day without your presence, but if you are planning another schedule to leave her alone for few days for vacation or other business, that planning need to confirm in a very well arrangement. You need to know cat that leave for a long time alone at home could be disruptive. Therefore, leaving cat alone in a long time would never be suggested by anyone.

There’s a long of subjects of consideration due the welfare of your cat herself, included foods and water, access to the litter-box, and companion ship. In a very serious case, cat able to get what’s called with separation anxiety which a common thing in dog. Anxiety would lead to several symptoms which would increase over the time if it didn’t get proper help. The separation anxiety occurred do the fact that your beloved cat can’t cope very well with the separation.

Therefore, the cat care is become one of most the safest way to support your plan (to leave your cat in such a long time). Of course, doesn’t mean if you have pet cat in your house you can’t leave her because you need to live your life too. But, is it safe to leave your cat in cat care for a long time? The answer is yes, but do your cat wouldn’t miss you at all? That’s another question. Boarding pet homes were made for this purpose, to make it easier for owners to leave their pets in safety environment.

However, it’s something different with your own cat; she needs you. She already recognized you as her owner, and won’t be able to see you in for long time absolutely would impact to her emotionally.