5 Successful Tips to Care for Goat in Autumn Season

Autumn season is the first gate before we turning into winter. By this season, the weather tends to more moisture and cold. Also, the grass that used as food supply for goat will getting wet so you must be careful of broken food. Both dry, winter, and autumn season has their own challenge. For example, […]

How to Take Care of Goats in Dry Season

If we need to comparing which one is easiest between taking care goat in dry season or wet season, the answer may can dry and wet season. Both of them has their own challenge if we relate it as take care goats business. Dry season has little bit risk than wet season. As we know […]

How to Set Up Best Pasture Land for Goats

Pasture is one of all need equipment that needed if you want to rise goat. Actually, this is feeding process that supposed to given to the goat, but now people see this way as different way, not just about feeding process. By this way goats can also refresh their mind by feeling free for several […]

Recommended Forage Systems for Goat Farm

Food for every farming animal is fundamental point that every farmer has to focus. Beside cage management system, forage system as same as important with the food business. Both for cattle, dairy, or wool goat has same right to earn good quality food. Food business mostly known as forage system. Technically goat can only eat […]

How to Take Care of Mommy Goat After Giving Birth

Giving birth is hard job to do. All woman who already passed this process actually dangerous thing which is they face the death directly. Different with human who giving birth one, mommy goat can take care more of that. Caring many babies inside theirs will increase of disease transmission. That’s because of any interaction inside […]

7 Health Problems of New Born Goat (Must Know!)

Like another new born animal, new born goat has same possibility to infected disease. New born baby mostly still weak and didn’t has defence enough to protect themselves from any disease. Their condition which still weak increase the possibility of any disease to come in mostly from bacteria, virus, and fungal. The key to protect […]

6 Ways to Breed Goats for Milk Productions

We raise goats usually for the purpose of the products: meat, milk, fiber, or skin. Some even raise them as a pet. Whatever the purposes are, we need to take good care of them and one of the life-cycle of a goat is, of course, breeding. Breeding is the first stage of three stages of […]

6 Important Guides to Starting Meat Goat Farming

Are you interested to start goat farming? What kind of product of goat you want to choose? Usually, there are dairy goat farming to produce goat milk and meat goat farming to provide goat meat. It is up to your intention. In this article, we will talk more on meat goat farming. There is much […]

7 Effective Tips to Become A Successful Goat Farmer

If you starting to consider goat farming as a job, then there are a few points that you need to know first in order to be a successful goat farmer. Having a goat farm can be a valuable experience for you and also profitable. Goat knowns for its milk, meat, skin, and fiber which are […]

5 Recommended Dairy Goat Breeds to Your Farm

As we all know, goats are very usable. They can be kept as a friendly company to your family and provide us their healthy milk, meat, also fiber, depending on what we need. While you can raise one breed for every purpose, actually each kind has its own specialty. Like Pygmy goats that are popular […]