3 Magnificent Insects with Incomplete Metamorphosis

Animals, mostly insects, have to go through a process of transformation from egg stage to adult stage. This process is called metamorphosis. During the process of metamorphosis, there will be some changes that the insects experience, mostly on the physical appearance and body function. Also spend time reading these dangerous insects in the world and […]

3 Amazing Insects with Complete Metamorphosis

Some animals must go through some life stages in their life. They have to go through the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in some stages. The process is called metamorphosis. During the process of metamorphosis, there will be some physical changes after birth or hatching. There are two types […]

Stay Away from these 5 Stinging Insects

Stinging insects belong to the order of insects known as Hymenoptera, which includes ants. Stinging insects are mostly beneficial pollinators as long as they do not give a threat to people or property.  However, you still need to know what insects are stinging. As you are outdoors in the beach, hiking in the mountains and […]

7 Common Insects You Can Find inside the Soil

Do you know that insects make up the majority of earth’s biomass and it is estimated as high as 1 million named species and 100 million more yet to be discovered? Yes, and most of the insects are found in the soil. They make home underground and spend most of their time underground. For instance, […]

Beware of These 8 Dangerous Insects in the World

When you think about survival to the fittest. Immediately you think about larger animals that can kills smaller ones. Yet, actually, some small creatures like insects can be very deadly. With a wide variety of insects in the world, you can only imagine how many of them are really dangerous to other animals or even […]

The Creepiest Ants Over the World

When thinking about creepy animals, you might think about bigger and more menacing animals such as lion, wolves and tiger, or you might also think about venomous animal such as snakes or hornets. Many people didn’t even consider ant as creepy or dangerous animals, until they realized that some ants are also even dangerous, creepy […]

6 Easy and Simple Ways to Catch Cricket

Talking about insects, which one of it is cricket. Do you know this animal? Where it is common to meet around paddy field or other grassy area. Cricket is an insect that is brother to grasshopper. Its loud voice every night almost wake people up. Don’t you ever heard it? Another animal that is also […]