7 Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding Birds

Keeping birds as pets is very interesting and fun. You can socialize with your pet birds by letting her come out of her cage for meal time. At the same time, you’re creating a bond with her. Sharing food with your pet bird is fun, however, is all food safe for your pet birds? The […]

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Try to Escape from Your Home

We keep our cat inside for good reason. They sometimes make attempts to escape. You do not know how cats behaviours without their owners at home so many cat owner make great efforts to make their cat feel at home and never want to go outdoor. Pet cats naturally unable to handle the sensory of […]

How to Treat Exotic Animals as Pets

Why would anybody need an exotic animal such as hare, guinea pig, and ferret as a pet instead of the usual dog and cat? Well, the answer to this question is most likely because exotic pets are entrancing. Though the cat does have exotic types, too. Check out how to get the exotic cat as a […]

Signs of 1 Week Pregnant Cat

Pet cats, as like other mammals, could reach pregnancy state to produce offspring. As a cat owner, you must know the signs that may occur on your pets when they are 1 week pregnant. As in humans, recognizing the 1 week pregnancy on your cat could help you prepare for the coming of the new […]

3 Causes of Sudden Death in Cat That Needs to be Avoided

Cats have become one of the kind of tamed animals that could be easily found on common neighborhood whether as stray or domesticated pets. Cats are still one of the most favorited pet animal because of their cute physical appearance combined with their funny behaviors. Sudden death conditions in cats whether it’s feral or domesticated […]

Signs of Cats Looking for Attention

Pet Cat Lovers definitely knows that pet cat has a sweet charm and likes to show off their confusing behavior, but it’s interesting because its funny behavior is an expression of their love. Here are five funny cat’s behavior that are signs of cats looking for attention to their owner. 1. Pet cat likes to […]

Signs of Cats Recovering from Flu

Cat’s health could be judged based on physical appearances, performances, and agility. Cats which inflicted with Flu, if medically cared for would gradually get better and get back to health. Generally, these are signs of cats recovering from Flu and has reached optimal health. Signs of cats recovering from Flu. 1. Clean eyes Cat’s eyes […]

5 Natural Ways to Treat Ear Mites in Rabbit

Mites are a turn off for our days. Can you imagine those tiny, but annoying animals attack our cute pets? I’m sure no one will be able to ignore it. Unfortunately, mites are pretty common in pets, including rabbits. As a rabbits lovers, we sometimes feel hard to deal with those chemical substances with side […]