3 Causes of Sudden Death in Cat That Needs to be Avoided

Cats have become one of the kind of tamed animals that could be easily found on common neighborhood whether as stray or domesticated pets. Cats are still one of the most favorited pet animal because of their cute physical appearance combined with their funny behaviors. Sudden death conditions in cats whether it’s feral or domesticated could be easily found around us. For cat owners, sudden death of their cats surely should be avoided and noticed. Here are 3 causes of sudden death in cats that needs to be avoided. Taking your cat to see the vet regularly is one solution to easily prevent sudden death.

1. Accidents

Sudden death in cats could also be caused by specific conditions as in with other animals. One of the cause on sudden death in cats is an accident that cause them to lose a lot of their blood, or cause major damage to vital organs like their brain and heart. The accidents that could happen includes falling from a high place and hit or ran over by a vehicle. To prevent this from happening, be wary when your cat is outdoor and don’t let your cats get used to live stray around your neighborhood, because the chance oh an accident is higher when compared to living indoors or inside your house.

2. Poisoning

Another cause of sudden death in cats is because of food poisoning. Poisoning could cause bodily organs to break and triggers internal bleeding on your cat, which could cause sudden death. The sign of a cat that died suddenly because of poisoning includes changes of skin color to pale, vomiting, weakened body, and dried saliva. When these symptoms occurs early, be sure to immediately rush your cat to the veterinarian to receive immediate care. If you’re still not sure if our cat is sick or not, check our article to know if your is healthy and happy.

3. Gravely ill

Another cause of sudden death in cats is a gravely ill condition that your cat experienced. Some of these grave illness that could cause sudden death in cats are:

  • Heart disease, this disease became one of the the problems that cause sudden death because the performance of the heart become unstable. Early symptoms in cats that experienced heart disease are weakened and sluggish body, lost of appetite, and lost of mobility. Here are some signs that your cat has a heart disease that you need to know to address if your cat’s heart is healthy or not.
  • Cat Flu, another disease that can cause sudden death is Cat Flu. Cat Flu is caused by viral infections that cause the obstruction in its respiratory system, causing sudden death because of the lack of oxygen supply. If you’re not sure if your cat has recovered from Flu or not, go check our article to find out the signs of cats that have recovered from Flu.

And that is 3 cause of sudden death in cats that needs to be avoided by all cat owners around the globe. Be sure to always look for your cat and maintain the right diet and nutrition intake for your cats so you can prevent sudden death and keeps them away from accidents. Be sure to check our article on reasons not to disturb your sleeping cat and how to prevent eye problem in cats to so you can get more information for your cat’s health care! See you on our next article!