Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Parrot Fever

Parrot fever is an infection which is caused by a specific type of bacteria called Chlamydia psittaci. This infection is also known as parrot disease or psittacosis. As you can see from the name, this disease is acquired from birds, however, parrots are not the only culprits. There might be some wild animals or pet […]

4 Steps We Need to Save Animals before They Extinct

The scariest situation in the wildlife is happening. Mother nature has played chase and catch with us – running from the threat of extinction – precisely not us humankind, but other species – our beloved wild animals. From almost decade the ignorance and insensitivity of ours of other non-human creatures resulted great damage to wildlife. […]

Who are Rat Predators? Avoid Your Rats from being Eaten

Do you consider keeping a rat as a pet just like Ron Weasley? It might surprise you, while the majority of people try to eliminate rats, some people turn out give attention and credit to this animal – even more, they decided to took it as their pet. Keep in mind, that the wild rats […]

How to Prevent Chickens from Fighting

Causes of Chicken’s Fighting  A chicken farmer may be worried if their chickens begin to fight each other. It is a common thing for chickens to fight. Especially if you bring new chicken (rooster) into the flock. The reasons of why they are fighting each other mostly are because of this matter : New chicken […]

How to Prevent Joint Damage in Dogs

*Barks Do you know dog is a hyper active animal? A healthy and happy dog could walk for 1.6 km each day. Wow that is a very far distance for a pet even we doubt the owner would walk such kilometers in a day. However, there is a risk to it. Dog is an animal that […]