Top 4 Animals Diseases that can be Transmitted to Humans

Do you know that animal disease can also be transmitted to humans? If you don’t, then you need to know about this, especially if you are working with animals or keeping pets at home. Animal disease that can be transmitted to humans are called as zoonosis.   There are also some diseases from certain animals […]

Beware of Tularemia That Might Attack Your Rabbit! Here are 7 Facts

Dear fellow animal lovers! Who doesn’t want healthy and happy animal friends? Whether we raise them for their sweet companies or commercial purposes, their wellness are our responsibility. Remember, happy animals will make happy owners, and vice-versa. Our favorite fluffy ball, rabbits, are no exception to that. One of the diseases that might attack your […]

5 Dangerous Diseases of Rabbit That Will Affect Humans

Dear fellow animal lovers! Who doesn’t want a happy and healthy animal? Remember, a happy animal makes a happy owner and vice versa. Other reasons why you should taking care of your animal friends well-being is because your health will also likely be affected by them.  Have you heard of zoonosis? It is a term […]

6 Facts of Orf Disease in Goat You Should Know

We all want our beloved animals fellow always happy and healthy. For whatever reason we are keeping them, we are responsible for their well-being. The happy animal makes a happy owner/farmer and vice versa. That applies to all animals, including our goat. Talking about goat again, have you know that you can keep goats as […]

Q Fever Facts That Might Attack Your Goat

Who doesn’t want to have happy and healthy animals fellow? Whether we keep them for sweet company or profit, we are responsible for their well-being, right? That is apply to all animals, including our beloved goat. Happy goat makes a happy owner/farmer, and vice versa. Well, some of you might wonder, “goats as pets?” Yes, […]

5 Dangerous Goat Diseases That Might Passed to Humans

You can have a goat as a pet or herd of goats as livestock. Goats can be considered as pets because they are known to be able to bond with their owner. Meanwhile, farming goat is a promising business; almost every part of goats are useful and profitable for human. Whether having goats as pets […]