5 Dangerous Diseases of Rabbit That Will Affect Humans

Dear fellow animal lovers! Who doesn’t want a happy and healthy animal? Remember, a happy animal makes a happy owner and vice versa. Other reasons why you should taking care of your animal friends well-being is because your health will also likely be affected by them.  Have you heard of zoonosis? It is a term […]

5 Dangerous Goat Diseases That Might Passed to Humans

You can have a goat as a pet or herd of goats as livestock. Goats can be considered as pets because they are known to be able to bond with their owner. Meanwhile, farming goat is a promising business; almost every part of goats are useful and profitable for human. Whether having goats as pets […]

10 Common Chicken Diseases You need to know

Chicken is kind of animal which commonly processed as food. The kind of foods which made by chicken is like nugget, fried chicken, sausage, meatball, snack, etc. Their body part like fur is also used as many stuff like shuttlecock, duster, bag ornament, paint ornament, and clothes. As the fur, the skin of their egg […]