5 Ultimate Realistic Animal Dolls You can Adopt

Having pet animals companion is one of many people dream and wishes. But, there are many things that sometime became the major reason we couldn’t make it happen. A lot of time the major problem is inadequate of proper place and environment we are lived in. Like, we are living in the crowd neighborhood which is make it impossible for us to keep a pet, because it would disturb and annoy people around us. Let’s just take example from our country, Indonesia.

The majority of Indonesian people lived in a small, crowd resident. A lot of time, those houses didn’t not even have a yard – a front or backyard. Plus, every house was build side by side, and only restricted by a wall that also stick to one another. In such condition, it’s almost impossible and would be very inappropriate for us to keep an animal or pet which we aware would inflict noises, such dog. The problem wit pet is that a lot of time we couldn’t control their behaviors. Could you imagine what would be like if our dog bark in the middle of the night with all the circumstances and conditions we were lived in?

You have to be grateful if in the next morning no one is shows up in front of your house with a sullen face. Another problem would be the family member. Not everyone loves animals; that is the fact. So, you might have the issues of family members who would not appreciate your attention to keep an animal. But, the other possibility reason is because they were allergic to particular animal of animal’s fur. In that case, you can’t force your will to them. Even though that would be break your heart, what else you can do? Your family healthy must be your number one priority.

However, there’s a way to comfort your sadness, my friend. For the first leap (before you have your own house), you could purchase these 5 ultimate  realistic animal dolls you can adopt as you companion! Just consider it as the first step before you really have the “real” animal by your side. These dolls look very realistic even people wouldn’t notice if they were just figurines. Another advantage is you don’t have to worry they were pee in inside your room!

1. Dog Doll

Became the number one of the list of the most wanted animal as a pet, is not a big surprise anymore that dog doll would a massive attractive object people would pay attention. However, if you are a dog person, this doll could never be missed from your possession. Dog behavior perhaps one of the most beautiful and wonderful things you would ever seen; the loyalty to human is the major reason why this animal is so lovable. Just like I mentioned before, if you are trapped in unsupportive  circumstances to keep the real dog, then you could purchase dog doll.

From the cute to the realistic figure of dolls are sale freely in many stores. Actually, I do have one, but it was the type of unrealistic one; and I’m not really sure what breed is it. The fact that I lived in a small resident which disallowed me to keep any pet, make me spend my money purchasing this doll. Furthermore, this doll is sale in variant of breeds, from Golden Retriever, Husky, Maltese, and etc. What are you waiting for, buddy?

2. Lamb Doll

A baby lamb is one of the cutest living creature on earth. They look absolutely adorable, no one would not fall for them. The fact that lamb is not particularly typical animal to raise as pet (although some people still pet them), break some people hearts. But, I know how to comfort you, my beloved friend; there are many baby lamb doll sale on stores.

From an adult sheep with or without horns, to the baby lamb of variety of sizes would be your new perfect companion. You could also meet variant shape of horns in the adult sheep; the circles like a ring, and the curve one. Everything was available and easily found!

3. The Cat Doll

Whose waiting for this animal being call? Yes, of course, cat would always be included in this list – or perhaps another list too. The only rival of dog, the cat is the second biggest and popular pet on earth. Of course, a lot of cats person here would agree with it. However, cat has this derivative basic behavior that make them look attractive; the examples are their ignorant, and manipulative skill, back and forth would make us love and annoyed at the same time!

However, if you are hold by some conditions which disallowed you keep cat in you place, you could purchase a realistic cat doll figure to keep accompany you. There are many of realistic cat doll that would mesmerize you because the fact they would look so much alike the real cat!

4. Rabbit Doll

Rabbit realistic doll would absolutely strike you and leave you speechless just as me. They look super real, and almost had the live-look! If you knew that the “real” rabbits has variety of popular rabbit breeds, this figurine doll also has ones. Just name the breed, and abracadabra, it appears – no I’m kidding, you should go and look for it by yourself. This doll would easily found and spread in variety of prices, sizes, and shapes.

One of the most super realistic rabbit or bunny dolls is needle felted doll. You could look up for it online and hundreds of option would appear. The next step is chosen the most right one for you!

5. The Tiger Doll

The last list of 5 ultimate realistic animal dolls you can adopt is tiger. Could you picture a tiger inside your house, as companion? That would be amazing, isn’t? But, keep the real tiger is absolutely hard and difficult. Not to mentions all the regulations and permission you need to fulfill as the requirements. Some countries even banned people to keep this animal being raise by individual. So, that would be a bit hard for you in a real life.

But, don’t be to sad, there’s realistic figure of tiger sales to all tiger lovers! It’s a hundred percent safe and allow in every existed countries in entire world. So, what are you waiting for, people?