What Should We Do to Prepare the Hamster for Sale?

Who is in here that didn’t love hamster? This small animal that still related with mouse is cutie animal that popularly pet at home. People usually chooses hamster to pet at home because of their economical side which is their small size also means that they don’t need large space both for rest, poop, pee, or eating. Basically, hamster’s treatment is freaking easy and all gender or age can treat this animal.

Uniquely, hamster include one of all profitable animals to be raised. Beside poultry, cattle, or dairy animal, hamster has their own market place which still make them as popular animal. By their economical side and their popularity, this chance used by any people who wants to gain profit using hamster. For raising hamster, it is relatively easy to do. It is because their mini size which makes all what they need is also mini. Home, wheel, food, or cage all are small so it is possible for you to raise dozen hamsters at the same time.

But for selling hamster, we can’t just sale it. There is something you need to take care to make your hamster worthy to buy. Of course, buyer will be selective before buying your hamster. They do choose the one that suitable with them. Not all your hamsters will sold out, but there is no problem to prepare the good quality hamster that worth to buy.

Here is some preparation you need to do before put your hamster for sale.

  • Make sure that they are adult enough for sale

Baby hamster isn’t suggestable to sale. That’s because baby hamster didn’t able yet to living free because they still related to their mom. Even tough some seller may sale baby hamster that literally young, make sure that the baby is able enough to live separately from their mom if sometime something bad happen. Choosing the middle old hamster is suggestable because from economical side, you don’t need to prepare extra budget to treat the baby. Usually, baby hamster can living separately from their mom after 1,5 months after birth. As we know that baby need more equipment than the adult one. So, it is automatically need more special attention to growth them. Also, the baby hamster is still sensitive moreover for their healthy immune. As we know that their immune also growth during getting older. It is possible for the baby to catch by any disease. Just imagine if the baby is still weak, you separate it from their mom, and you forced to pet it at home. It may not a problem but just make sure that you aren’t busy man so you can give your free time to treat the baby one.

  • Make sure about their healthy

Buyer will always selective before they said to buy something, so does for buying hamster. They will choose the good and healthy one to take it home. So, it is matter for you to keep their healthy both of during raise and for sale. People will love hamster that making out healthy symptom like active moving, thick hair, middle size (which is mean that they aren’t thin but also not fatty), and of course free from any disease symptom. Keep on your mind that there are no people want to throw their money for useless thing, including to buying sick hamster.

  • Make sure about their quality

Something quality will automatically healthy, but something healthy not automatically has quality. Quality in animal business isn’t enough to make them healthy, but make sure that they are free from disability on their body. That’s why you need to vaccine them well and give them extra attention during pregnancy. Usually, disability case is started when the baby in the womb. To prevent this case you can breed the high quality and healthy parents to produce the good one hamster.

  • Blocking group

Hamster life span is around 2-4 years. During their life, they can breed 6 times. Per breeding they can produce 6-10 baby hamster. What a fantastic ability, right? By this fact, to increasing their quality and to make their food spread effectively, separate their baby into blocking group. This blocking group isn’t only to make spreading food more effective but also building their character so they can know each other. The scared hamster usually growth in lonely without any friend or sibling. To prevent that thing. Blocking group is solution so when the hamster is ready for sale they didn’t scared with people anymore.

For you who still beginner in hamster business, this time may so complicated for you. It also makes you down because not every hamster you have will be sold. So, just make sure that you don’t lost your muse to keep up in this business. To pull attention of buyer you can give them cashback or give them promo bonus and reward.

But keep on your mind that however reward you give to your buyer, quality will say about price. There is price to reach quality. You better focus to increasing their quality than try to cover the broken one with great reward.