3 Types Of Grass That Are Healthy For Rabbits

Rabbits are one of the most common animal that people chose to be their pet. Their little posture and cute faces is the main reasons why this animal was popular. A lot of people actually prefer to raise a little small posture animal such rabbits, hamsters, cats, birds and others – rather than a big one. Why? This is because they are easily maintained and compatible to raise in any size of places – whether it is a house, apartment, and even studio.

Also, these kind of animals are safe for our family, especially children – do you ever worried if your children playing with a rabbit (actually, the opposite of it – it is us who would worried about the rabbit)? The answer is no. Why? This is because we know exactly they would be safe around them. No need another explanation for it.

If we were a parent but at the same time we are a pet lover – we should wisely choose which animal breed that would friendly and safe enough for our children.

The other reason is the simplicity of finding their meal. You could find it everywhere such pet stores, and supermarkets – you could even plant it in your back yard! Yes, we all know that this little creatures – Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit – is a herbivore and practically eat fruits, grass, hays, and other vegetable. So, it’s pretty easy to find their food that generally will sell in everywhere.

But, remember to choose it wisely. Even though their meal is easily to find – not every those things is safe for your rabbits or bringing benefit for them. No matter it’s grass or hay or fruit, you should give them the best food which should has all the component that would keep them healthy. In this article –  in particular – we would share to you 3 types of grass that are healthy for rabbits.

Yes, we’re going to discuss about grass. Maybe a lot of you choose to feed your rabbit with hay, but do you know that some grasses are brought much benefit for your rabbit? Fact, grass is the most natural and fresh meal to eat for your rabbit – a low cost too. There are some rabbit, rather than hay they prefer to eat a green grass form your back yard. Grass is known with a high fiber, and it’s very comfortable and suitable for rabbit digestion.

But, a lot of rabbit’s owner refuse to give this fresh plant to their little creature out of concern that this fresh grass could upset rabbit gut and cause some diarrhea. Yes, this could happen – only if you give your beloved rabbit a high amount of grass. Actually this thing could happen too, if you also give your rabbit a high amount of hay. Whether it’s hat or grass, you should feed your rabbit a proper amount of food.

You should give them a little pile of grass every day to make their digestion familiar with the grass – at least ten days to make them used to it. Also, you, yourself have to pick the grass for your rabbit, do not allow them to graze for their own – and don’t ever let your rabbit eat the grass from your lawn and back yard. Because, this kind of grass is already contaminated by a lot of unknown object – could cause upset to their gut.

Another way to feed your rabbit with grass is you could plant it yourself. This plant – grass – thankfully could grow everywhere. You could plant it inside the house, in the tray, in the pot on your window, and others area that safe enough from the unknown object that could affect the grass. And to give you reference which grass that full of good component, here’s: the 3 types of grass that are healthy for rabbits.

1. Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is part of Poaceae family. For us – human – we will process the wheat grass as a juice and drink it or it also could be added into another drink as well. But for pets (especially our rabbits), it could be one of the tasty and healthy food to eat among others. Wheat grass brings a lot of benefit for your rabbit that could help stabilized their health state.

Wheat grass contains chlorophyll, nutrient, antioxidant, vitamins B-complex to the health of nervous systems, vitamins A to maintenance the health of rabbit’s eyes which is very important (especially for the night vision), vitamin C to build their immune system and act as antioxidant, also vitamins E which is very famous as a efficacious antioxidant for body to help them susceptible fatty acids in the membranes.

Vitamins K to helps regulate the blood clotting and very good for kidney function – also for bone metabolism, a complete set of amino acids, plus a lot of minerals. With all of these benefits, are you sure, you are going to refuse to give this grass to your beloved creature?

2. Timothy Grass

Timothy grass which is in the Latin called Phleum Pratense is a perennial grass that commonly found in the most Europe. It’s also known as meadow cat’s-tail – timothy grass is the member of genus Phleum. Why it’s called Timothy? It’s named based of the farmer that found it in 18th century, Timothy Hanson.

Timothy grass is a high protein and calcium plant. This plant is relatively high in fiber especially when you cute it late. This plant also could be use as a diet menu for your rabbits.

3. Orchard Grass

Orchard grass known as the high fiber, and contain with a balance level as phosphorus and calcium that would help much on your rabbit digestion function system. This plant is a perfect replacement for timothy grass in case your lovely rabbit is allergic to timothy grass. Orchard texture is softer than timothy which is very perfect for the picky and older rabbits. This textures also help to take care of the dental health of your rabbit.