Why Partridges really famous during christmas?

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! As our loyal readers and viewers, we wish you the merriest Christmas and hope you will have the most enjoyable holiday of all time. We wish you to have the merriest Christmas and most pleasant holiday. In this winter holiday revelries, we would like to present you with the holiday themed article. All you should know about holiday related animals, animals that symbolize Christmas, and tradition that revolving all around animals in Christmas. We would like to present you traditions of Christmas animal culture that you can found from all around the world from every culture and traditions.

When we are talking about animals related with Christmas, most people will think of iconic Christmas animal such as Reindeer or goats in other culture. However, one animals stand out to being one of the most famous and iconic animals that symbolize Christmas and decorate places all over the world and that is partridges. In some countries and culture, Partridge symbolize Christmas holiday, and you can see them as Icon whenever Christmas is coming. How is Partridge become famous during Christmas? How it started and Why Partridges really famous during christmas?

Why Partridges become Christmas Animal and how it is related with traditions?

First of all, what is partridges? Partridge is non migratory birds that can be found in Old world or Europe, Asia and some parts of Africa. Partridge comes from the subfamily of Phasianidae, so this bird is relatives of Pheasant and quail. To describe it, this bird is slightly larger than pheasants but actually smaller than quail. This species can be found in forested area all around the continent of Africa, Asia and Europe. This bird is actually quite delicacies for many people, that’s why this bird is actually a very good game for hunter. Nowadays there are many farmer who raise partridges in captivity then release it in the large area for the purpose of hunting or just repopulating partridge in the wild area.

Partridge is actually pretty popular as Christmas and there are many references of Partridge during Christmas. The most famous reference about partridge is in the Christmas carol. This bird is also mentioned in the bible a couple of times and there for have a role on Christianity as symbolic Christmas animals. Why it become famous during Christmas? And how it started at first?

  • What’s the relation between Partridge and Christmas?

The most famous and popular reference of partridge is on the Christmas carol. The Christmas carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ a popular Christmas carol from all around the world. On the verse, they mention a partridge resting on the branch of pear tree, or ‘a partridge in a pear tree’. However, scientifically, it is actually quite impossible to see partridge on the pear tree. As you can see, partridge just like its cousin like pheasants and quail is ground nested. Their body is to rotund to be rested on the branch of the high trees and therefore they are ground nested and can only be seen roaming on the ground instead of perching on the trees.

  • Why it is famous as Christmas animal?

Other than mentioned on the Christmas carol, partridge is also mentioned on the bible. In (Jeremiah 17:11). It is mentioned as the bible stated about the partridge. Partridge since then becoming quite a symbol for Christmas in many parts of the world and therefore becoming quite a tradition and culture that reference partridge as a Christmas animal.

That’s the answer on Why Partridges really famous during christmas? and how it is started the tradition and culture that referencing partridge as a Christmas animal. So, whenever you see a partridge as Christmas decorations or reference during Christmas carol, then you might already know the answer and you might know the reason behind it. If you found another interesting animal facts you can tell us, then don’t be shy to tell us all about it here.