why misa del gallo called mass of the rooster?

We would like to say a Merry Christmas and happy new year for you, our dear readers and loyal viewers. We wish you a merriest Christmas, happy new year and we hope that you have a splendid holiday that goes smoothly without any hindrances. As an animal care website that care about its quality content, we would like to make sure you still get your quality animal care content as usual. In this winter holiday occasion, we would like to give you an article all about Christmas and all revolving around animal care on the Christmas. When we are talking about Christmas, there are actually many animals related with Christmas, be it from tradition or it symbolize Christmas. Now, let’s start on our today article shall we?

When we are talking about Christmas, you might already thinking about holiday, winter atmosphere and family gathering together with your loved ones. However, Christmas is not only about holiday and all, but there are also many other things and aspect of Christmas from merry decorations, shiny Christmas tree, Christmas foods and also Christmas tradition. One thing that is interesting about Christmas is a tradition, as there are many Christmas tradition that differ from all around the world and culture. Around the world there are even various animals that symbolize Christmas such as reindeer, goat, robin, partridge and many more. These animals are symbols of Christmas, winter revelries and Christmas holiday.

Now, we are going to talk about a certain Christmas tradition and that is a Misa del Gallo, a Christmas tradition from a latin countries.  Misa del Gallo itself means the rooster mass. How it is called as rooster mass? And why it must be rooster? What links Christmas between the rooster? Now, here is the tradition of Misa del Gallo and how it started, why misa del gallo called mass of the rooster?

Interesting facts about Misa del Gallo a rooster mass during Christmas in Latin countries

In Latin countries such as Spain, France and also Italy, when Christmas comes, there is a unique mass called as Misa del Gallo. This mass is special as it means as mass of rooster. Unlike usual mass, this Misa del Gallo is a mid night mass, celebrated by Christians during Christmas times. So, what’s so special about this mass, and why it is called as rooster mass?

  • Why it is called a rooster mass?

Missa del Gallo is a midnight mass, celebrated in Christmas and of course it celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This midnight mass is special because it is celebrated by Latin countries such as Spain by symbolizing rooster mass. Legends said that when Jesus Christ is born in the midnight, the rooster crows three times, even before dawn comes as such rooster welcome the birth of Jesus Christ in this world. Since then, this is the only time rooster will crows in the midnight and will never be again.

To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to symbolize a rooster, an animal that welcome baby Jesus by crowing in the midnight, and therefore, Missa del Gallo is celebrated in Latin countries. This tradition have been celebrated for more than hundred years in Spain and becoming quite unique and famous culture.

  • What’s so special about this mass?

During the Christmas, all who celebrate Misa del Gallo will attend at night in Church. In the Spain, Christmas also known as the day of Nochebuena, and before this day, Children will go around the neighborhood to sing a Christmas carols, then the neighbor will treat them with treats and money.

After the Misa del Galla, people will come together to walk around the streets, carrying torches, singing a Christmas carols and playing music. Spanish people consider this time after mass of rooster is a good night and should be spend with their families and not sleeping till dawn.

So, did we answer you on your question of why misa del gallo called mass of the rooster? and all about this unique tradition from Latin worlds? Let us know your comment on opinion on this matter.