5 Facts About Hamster Breed That You Should Know

Hamster. This cutie animal that popularly pet at home has uniquely thing about their breeding. Did you ever imagine with their mini size, how they can breed and pregnant well and carrying more than three babies in their womb? It is really amazing, right? If we compare it with us human, we are nothing fellas. […]

How To Properly Take Care Of Newborn Baby Hamster

Congratulations, your newborn baby hamster has already born. However, how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster? Do not being a worry, below these are several tips on how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster at home. You should check this one. 1. Set everything they needed How to properly take care […]

How To Feed A Newborn Baby Hamster

Hamster babies are born with no hair, they really need nutrients from their mother’s milk, but how do you feed a new baby hamster when a hamster’s mother gets sick even dead? Here below are some tips on how to feed a newborn baby hamster in easy ways. Let’s check these out. 1. They will […]

4 Effective Ways to Stop Hamster From Eating Her Babies

Congratulation! Your hamster has officially become a mom! But whether you’re overjoyed or surprise by the babies, there is going to be some worries. That is because you must’ve ever heard that hamster sometime eat their own babies. This is sound very scary but it’s actually a tactics for survival. There are some circumstances or […]

How To Raise And Feed An Orphaned Baby Hamster At Home

It feels sad if the baby hamsters loss of their mother. The babies really need the mommy hamster right now. So, how to raise an orphaned baby hamster at home? It is not too easy. However, these following ways will help you how to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home. Let ’s […]

8 Ways To Raise A Baby Hamster Without Its Mother

The mother of a hamster might die while she is giving birth. So, what are the ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother? What is the reason the mother can die? Below here there are 8 ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother properly. Let’s check these out. 1. No mother […]

How To Take Care A Mommy Hamster After Giving Birth

Many beginners are confused, how to take care a mommy hamster after giving birth? So, below here there are some solutions to take care of your mommy hamster at home. Let’s check it out what are the solutions. 1. Take out the male hamster Please take out the male hamster before mommy hamster giving birth. […]

9 Common Symptoms that Your Hamster is Pregnant

Before we started, let me ask you some questions. Have your hamster seems a little off lately? Do your hamster are being more aggressive than usual? Did your hamster always try to running away from you and refuse to be held? Or did they just behave strangely in general? All those questions combine, do you have one […]