How To Easily Sell Your Own Broiler Stocks


We would like to give you a story. A true story based on one of our writers. You see, there’s a man who has his own merchant booth. He sells a home made fried chicken. With his own brand. (Not like others fried chicken booth who sells someone else’s brand). He  open his booth around 5 pm and would close up his shop around 11 pm or at least until all of his stocks run out. He just simply sitting there for around 6 hours waiting for buyers.

Even though he only sells his own brand and our writer’s personally testified that the taste of his chicken is not good enough compared to the big brand such as hisani, sabani, or even ippi. Still however, lot of people buy his chicken. Maybe they just love the taste or just simply they want a fried chicken. Everyday, just like any other fried chicken merchants, he able to sell out all of his chicken just in 6 hours. Thus, making an incredible profit for his self.

The profit is scarcely unbelievable. This guy, just an immigrant from outer West Java. Bring nothing but his gut and his skill. However, his fried chicken business is surely could make him to spend a lot of money for his family. You see, this guy spend his holiday for almost a month in his homeland. Not only that, recently he just came back from his homeland to attend some family business. What a profit that is surely. (You must know almost every fried chicken merchants spend their holiday for at least a month.)

We could conclude that this fried chicken business is surely profitable (according to detik a fried chicken merchant could earn a clean profit around 6.5 millions rups a month!)  and easy to do. If you cooperate with existing brand, you just need to fry the chicken as it was ready to fry or just simply mix the flour a little bit with the raw chicken. The challange will be if you try to create your own brand then you must have a little bit experiment to create your own chicken flour. Not only that, selling the chicken would be piece of cake as the buyers will autamatically come to you and buy your chicken, thus in just a day your chicken stocks would sold out.

This business surely picked out your interest, especially if you are a broilers farmer and you don’t have any customers then it would be an incredible option for you to sell your own broilers through opening your own fried chicken booth?. Yes it would be difficult at first, but later on it would be just like money is working for you. This is how to sell your own broiler stocks provided by animallova :

  • Choose a Strategic Place

Every business requires a strategic place so the customers would easily find your business place. Imagine if you are selling your chicken in an isolated area then we assure you, you will bankrupt quickly. But if you sell your chicken around strategic place like near campus or near housing gate then it would be the perfect place to sell your chicken.

Just remember this, the more strategic place is, the more expensive the rent rate is. So be wise on choosing a place, make sure your business would not only cover up the rent rate but also could give you a profitable profit. We advise you to sell a specific amount of chicken grams a day so you will able to gain profit along with covering your bills.

  • Decide Your Brand

Sometimes it would be easier to sell someone else brand as you just need to fry and sell. However, it would be difficult as the brand’s owner would demand a specific fee for this cooperation that is sometimes would affect your profit and make it lower that you expected. If you calculate along with the bills that by cooperating with existing brand still give you a reasonable profit then we recommend you to cooperate with existing brands. If not, then it is time for you to create your own recipe.

Creating your own fried chicken recipe would be a difficult task as you need to try a few experiment to have the perfect taste. You could try to create your own recipe by searching through recipe books or google it, another options is you could buy a specific recipe online and ready to use recipe. Just do trial and error until you got the perfect taste.

  • Measuring Your Stocks

Now it is the time for you too look back at your farm. The main questions is, how manny kilos of meats that your farm produce in a day or a month?. If your farm could produce 10 kilos of meats than it is recommended for you to have it, then it is enough stock for you if you want to open the booth for at least 6 hours. If it reaches more than 10 kilos or for example 50 kilos of meat in a day, you could preserve it for tomorrow stock. But if you are overstocked then try to add more stocks to your booth or you could just simply add another booth, another options is to find yourself a customers who demands raw broiler meats everyday. This picture below would help you to seperate the chicken meats to seperate parts :

  • Measuring Your Price

Measuring your price would be a tricky task to do, as you need to observe the market price and make it become competitive, not only that you must measure all of your bills and your profit. However, we recommend you to taste your own chicken first, if you feel the taste is incredible then try to tag a medium to high price , if it has mediocre taste than try to tag it with a medium to low price.

  • Medium to High
    • Chest and thigh : 9k to 11.5k rups
    • Wing and drumstick : 8k to 9k rups
  • Medium to Low
    • Chest and thigh : 8k to 9.5k rups
    • Wing and drumstick 7k to 8k rups

Also remember don’t give them a very cheap price as the customers might get a suspicion that you are not selling a chicken meat. Furthermore, measuring your price you must also give yourself a profit, cover the bills, and cover your initial investment.

Well, having your own fried chicken booth is so satisfying especially when you already get a grip for it as everything would be a piece of cake. So be patient, passionate, and good luck!