How To Make Homemade Chew Toys For Your Hamster

Hamsters love to have fun, a lot. They like to play around over cage even they love to bites something whiles they bored.  So to make your hamster happy as always,   how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster?  Below these are the easy steps how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster.  Let’s collect the thing and go to make it.

1. Choose the right safe ingredients

For the first rule, to make chew toys you should choose the right safe ingredients. You have to make sure, is it any pesticide around the ingredients or not? The first ingredient to make chew toy is natural wood and the second is the uncolored cardboard. These two ingredients are the best ingredients to make your homemade chew toys. For the natural wood, you can pick it at the outdoors or in your backyard. But, make sure first that tree is free from any chemical that can harm your hamster. But what is the best natural wood for a hamster? The fruit tree is the best choice. Second, a cardboard. You can buy some uncolored cardboard, it is very cheap. Do some dusting first before you cut them into several shapes that you want. The chew toy is one of best toys for a hamster to play in the cage.

2. Avoid these ones

There is some rule that you should avoid how is the right choice of the ingredients of chew toys. If you want to pick a natural tree, do not pick any tree branches that lay on the ground. It would contain parasites that can harm your hamster. The next one, make sure the tree branches do not contain any chemicals and oils, it can harm your hamster too. So, make sure to get a fresh clipping tree from the fruit tree, cedar, and pine. Just pick one of them. These rules also apply to uncolored cardboard.

3. It’s time to prepare

Please gather all your ingredients and your equipment that you are needed. Prepare the fruit tree branches, uncolored cardboard, shape cutter, knife, garden scissors, safe glue, fruit juice; you can choose apple, blueberry, peach, strawberry, and others, a paintbrush, bowl, and also some trays. First is to make chew toys from fruit trees, prepare you have to decide how many sticks that would you make? For beginners, you can make 20 thick skewers. Take your branches fruit tree, cut them into skewers with the same length. Use your sharp knife or garden scissors to cuts them well. You can cut them in half and it makes the skewers shorter.

The shorter chew sticks are easier to grab by your hamster. Next, make a hamster safe glue, you just need a half cup of white flour and a half cup of water. Mix it together until a thick paste is formed. Add the fruit juice and some dried fruits to this batter. It could make your skewers more interesting. With a paintbrush, spread this safe glue over all your skewers. Place the skewers that already coat with safe glue on a tray. Let the chew sticks dry in overnight. Finally, the chew toys stick has already, give it to your hamster. They will love it.

4. Tasty colorful cardboard

Besides you make stick chew toys, you also can make the tasty cardboard for your hamster. You just to cut in any shape of cardboard or rough carton (the best choice). Place a small bowl with safe glue, mix it with food coloring, and fruit juice. Spread it your shape carton with a paintbrush, spread it with gently. Place your tasty colorful cardboard in trays and let them dry overnight. So, here you can try to make various colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and pink. Make the shape will be wonderful and colorful, make your hamster interest with this tasty colorful cardboard.

5. Make your hamster a ball

Make a hamster homemade toy to play outside the cage, in here you can try to make a hamster ball with natural ingredient. Corn husk is the best choice to make a hamster ball. To make a corn husk ball, just peel the corn husk all the way off. Corn that has been cleaned can be cut into several parts. Take a piece of corn, wrap the corn husk that you have taken, wrap all the corn husk into a ball. Make sure you wrap each one of the corn husks tightly. After the ball is done, you can cover the ball with safe glue that you made before. Finally, let them dry in trays overnight. If these tips are too difficult, you can get this corn husk ball in pet stores. Besides, make the corn husks ball, with the same ingredient you can make hang chewing toy. Make a leather strap from corn husks, then you can hang it on the top of the bar cage.

6. Hiding place

Besides the hamster loves to play, they love to hide too. For that reason, why don’t we make their hiding place to sleep. Besides it for hiding places, this hiding place could be a place to chew their teeth. So, to make the hiding place, please to gather these ingredients; one cardboard tissue roll, nontoxic glue, some popsicle sticks, the batter of safe glue mixed with fruit juice and coloring food. and a paintbrush.  Here the tips, stick together five or six popsicle sticks around the cardboard tissue rolls with nontoxic glue and let them dried few minutes. To make your hamster interested, you can cover all this tiny house with a paintbrush and the batter of safe glue that you have made before. Once again, let them dry in all overnight. Then place this tiny house in your hamster cage. Your hamster will love it.

7.  Renew the chew toys of hamster

There is a mistake that always the owner makes to hamster, the owner does not renew the old chew toys of a hamster. Notice this, if you made a stick chew toys for your hamster you should renew the old ones. How is the right time to renew the chew toys? Let’s see while your hamster is no longer use its chew stick, it might the chew toys stick be damaged or your hamster had the new ones. So, in here do not let any old chew toy sticks left behind. Just take it away, this way to avoid your hamster injured from the old chew toys stick. This is the one way to keep your hamster safely both in outside and inside the cage.

Hopefully, the above of how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster can be useful for you, as the hamster lovers. The simple ways on how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster that proves that to have some chew toys for a hamster is no need to always purchase the expensive toys in a pet store. You can make it with natural ingredients that easy find in your backyards.