8 Things That Only Hamster Owner Understand

You already take care of your hamster in six months, in these times you will see several things that only hamster owner understand, is it right? So what are these things that only hamster owner understand belongs to his hamster? Let’s check these out the 10 things that only hamster owner understand.

1. He is my baby

Are you want to learn to take care of a baby?  So,  taking care a hamster can be the suit choice for you who want to take care of a baby. The reason why hamster is the right choice for you is while you taking first a hamster you will learn how to feed him, to keep him safe and to make sure that all of he needs are available. You should take care of him very carefully and gently. Taking care of a hamster it is like to taking care of a baby in your hands, That is why when your hamster is been held by someone (your friends or your kids). You must feel worried about him, is it right? So, what is the right way to hold your hamster? You just see these ways how to hold your hamster correctly. You will know what is the safest way to hold your hamster without worried.

2. A safe place

A little adorable baby, yes they are the hamsters.  So,  while you take care of a hamster as the good owner,  the things that only hamster owner understand are hamster needs a safe place and quiet place. Why?  Hamsters are really high of sensitive,  they quick to frightened of the highest, predators, and they do not like lots of sounds. Those are can make them stressed.  It is must for the owner to take the cage of the hamster in a safe place that is far away from any threat that the hamster afraid.

3. It is very tiny and adorable

Well, it is indeed hamsters are tiny pets that are so adorable. What that they do do the owner will never stop to look at them. Look, the behavior he likes to play on the spinning wheel with his tiny legs. His tiny feet were able to run so fast with a long time. Besides, he loves to hoard the foods in his mouth. This act is only can do by a hamster. He always hoarding many of seeds in his mouth then hide it in a safe place. The special safe places that hide the foods are behind the toys, in the tubes, and under the bedding. While they are sleeping in daylight, you can sneak and see around the cage, what is the best place to hide the food by your hamster?

4. Lots of species

The reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet is the hamsters are the one of pet that has lots of species. There are more than 100 species of hamsters all over the world. But of the many species of hamsters, there are only 5 favorite hamster species, including Syrian hamsters, Chinese hamster, Roborovski hamster, Dwarf hamster, and Campbell’s hamster. In fact, each species has their own special acts like the Chinese hamster, this hamster is very agile. They can jump and climb very high, they are using their long tail to keep their body balanced. Besides, the Roborovski hamster is the smallest among the hamster species. It is suited for the owner that does not like touch the hamster. They are agile and love to play in their cage with lots of toys that they have. The one things that only hamster owner understand, this hamster can live within 3 to 4 years.

5. Sleeping in his tubes

Hamsters are so cute while they are sleeping. They can sleep in everywhere that they want. But, the most place is in the tubes. They feel that sleeping in tubs it like a tunnel which makes them safe. Besides, sometimes they also like to sleep on their backs on a pile of wood shavings. In fact, they sometimes also like to sleep on their favorite swings, inside his sleeping bags and inside the spinning wheels too. Another cute sleeping acts your hamster you can see it while your hamster is sleeping in your hands. While your hamster sleep in your hands, try to rub his head gently. He will love it.

6. The balanced diet

There are lots of food for hamsters. The varieties of seeds; dried corn,  sunflower seeds,  rice brown,  soybean, nuts,  etc you also can give some fresh vegetables like carrot or sprouts.  Few tasty foods to treat them once a month like a dog biscuit, honey, pellets, and chew toys. All these kind of their food must be given as balanced. Chew toys one of best toys for hamster to play in the cage that must give by owner, why? The owner hamster really understands that the teeth of the hamster are growing really fast. So, to avoid the overgrown of the teeth of a hamster, it is required to give them chew toys. You can see in here these best chew toys for a hamster to play inside and outside the cage. Only the owner of a hamster can understand how is the right time to treat them and how is the right time to feed them as well. Only the owner who knows what are the bests food of their need and they do not need it, such as strong smell food; garlic, fast foods, and any flavors snacks include chocolate. They are not allowed to give to the hamster.

7. Meat food for a hamster

Another treat for a hamster is a meat. Is it allow the hamster to eat meat? Yes, it is. They love to eat meat as well as they love to eat seeds, fruits, and vegetables. So, what are the best meat for a hamster? In wildlife, hamsters love to eat insects, crickets, and mealworms. If you have Dwarf and Syrian hamster you can try to give them this. They will love it. Besides, if you cannot find this meat, you can change with cooked chicken or beef, and canned dog food. These meat are safe to feed to your hamster.

8. How is your little fella

Like as other pet, the hamster can get some disease. It such as sneezing, diarrhea, there are mites in his skin, obesity, respiratory problem, and some other chronic disease; stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. So, to avoid these creepy diseases, the things that only hamster owner understand, the owner hamster should clean the cage or his habitat regularly at least once a week. Hamster is a nocturnal animal that has high of sensitivity and they very love of clean. So that’s why the owner should keep their cage clean as well as possible.  Besides, maintaining the cleanliness of the hamster cage the owner hamster must keep them clean of their hamster’s body with bathing them. So, how to bathe the hamster properly?  You can see in these ways how to bath your hamster properly with such conditions. Bathing a hamster is to maintain his hair from the dull and the increasing of oils from its body.

Hopefully, the 10 things that only hamster owner understand it may add your knowledge of what is the behavior of the hamster and what are the hamster feels when they are frightened or sick. All that they do as the good owner in these several times only you can understand what is the hamster really need, is it right?