Can We Use Mascara to Comb our Rabbit’s Fluff?

There are many rabbit’s breeds you could pick as pet, such as cottontail rabbits, Beveren rabbits, Flemish Giant Rabbits, lionhead rabbits, Angora rabbit, and many others. But, note this, people, there are still wild rabbits out there that prefer nature as their home. Furthermore, as one of the most preferable pet on earth, there’s a […]

Scientific Facts about Why does Rabbit Created as the Cutest Animal

Whose here agree that rabbit is one of most the cutest pet animals on earth? I bet many of you, my dear friends has raised their hands; and yes, they were apparently (after cats and dogs). Who would deny it? Rabbit become one the most iconic animal of all time! There’s a lot of movies […]

Does Human have Ability to Recognize the Dog’ expression?

Animals are able to express their feeling throughout facial movements and gestures. All this is applied both on wild animals and domestic animals, included your pets. When you look around on YouTube, you might see many videos of how animals express particular emotion as the response of ongoing event. Especially for cats and dogs – […]

Is it possible to do feeding Dogs by Giving Vegetables? What to Know?

Keeping dog as pet at home was one of the most incredible experience. There’s so many things about dog that make people love this particular animal, they were perfect obedience pet and let’s talk about dog’ loyalty to their owners – there’s no pet animal that could ever compared to this lovely creature. Furthermore, although […]

The Importance of Toys for Hamster

There are certain things need to follow while keeping hamster as pet. First, the housing: housing is part of the most important hamster’s basic live requirement. Insight of how to arrange the hamster cage which allowed the animal to live life comfortably, how to clean the hamster cage to maintain health condition, and how properly […]

Is Caring a Hamster Dangerous for Pregnant Mom?

Hamster known as one of the most lovable animal to keep as pet. They were spread in many variants of breeds, from Winter White Pedigree, Roborovski and Robo Dwarf hamster, Chinese hamsters, Campbell Russian hamster, Chinese hamster, and others. Try to know everything about them before you keep hamsters are a very wise idea. Like […]

How to Arrange the Hamster Cage

Keep hamsters as pet is wonderful fun experience. As you understand, hamsters are easy to nurse and didn’t require a lot of spaces to grow. This is also why people categorized hamster as pocket pet because of their small body. There are many variants of hamster’s breeds available such as, Winter White Pedigree, Roborovski and […]

Everything that You Need to Know about Cat Cloning

In these modern days, technology not only used for the good of people, but also for the welfare of animals. If you notice, modern technology have been used for years to increase cattle’s production such milk on cows. However, a research have been made and reviled – it’s a very shocking – but not shocking […]

Heart Disease in Cats: Is it Possible?

There’s no doubt anymore about the popularity of cat among other pets – in fact, cat is the second most common pet on earth after dogs. The variety of cat’s breeds is become attractive point why people love this animal; short hair or long hair, everything is available. Here are some of popular cat that […]

How come Frighten be the One of Rabbit’s Dead Caused

There are many famous animal to keep as pet; from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and most certain is rabbits. Yes, rabbit would be a very pleasant companion. Not only domesticated rabbit, some countries are allowed its citizen to pet wild rabbit, but some of them are disallowed. So, it would be better if you […]