Best Ways to Save a Feral Dog and Make Her as Your Family

*Barks Hello there, fellow dog lovers! It’s been a long time, yup writer is back and will start kicking again from now and a few weeks later. Well, once again writer will write something about dog; however, this time would be different as recently writer has been doing an experiment that involves dog. Yup, it’s […]

Why Dog Suddenly Stop During a Walk?

*Bark Hello there fellow dog lovers!. How are you and your dog doing?. Indeed we always hope you guys will be in a good shape always and no harm shall interrupt your incredible relationship with your dog, obviously we all know that dog is the most loyal pet for human, even adorable cat could not […]

Easy Tips For Handling Previously Aggressive Abused Dogs

*Barks We’ve known that dog could be traumatized just like us. Trauma was caused by abusement that can be done by some particular event, animals even person. After become traumatized, She will feel stressed and feel excruciating pain because of the trauma. The trauma could destroy the dog’s body, emotion, even psychologically. Which is why […]

Helping Recently Adopted Dog to Rebuild Her Confidence

*Barks We’ve talked about adopting a street dog, helping her to heal emotionally, heal her injuries, and make her enjoy the happiest moment in her life. She feel that you are her friend and savior who saved her from the cruelty of the world. She will show her grateful to you and become so much […]

How to Indentify and Help an Abused Dog

*Barks A dog is an amazing majestic creature that always love you and even love you more than your own friend. A dog who already bonded with you will never leave you. She will always greet you and get excited everytime you come home. However as we know before, dog is a fragile creature too, […]

7 Warning Signs That Your Dog Has Been Abused in the Past

*Barks As a dog person, having a dog is surely one of the most beautiful thing that ever happened in your life. Dog not only acted as your pet but she also acted as your loyal companion. Now we would like to ask you how did you adopted your dog?. Did you buy her from […]

Signs of Traumatized Dog You Must Surely Know

*Barks “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Josh Billings. Dog is a precious and the most loyal pet you will find in the entire world, one and only. Even sometimes dog can be more faithful than your own girlfriend/boyfriend. “There’s a saying. If you want someone […]

3 Ways to Help Your Dog Regain Confidence After Trauma

*Barks In recent post we’ve discussed on how to help a emotionally traumatized dog, how to help them, what caused the trauma, and even the prevention. However dog is an emotional animal just like us the owner and her friend. Dog could lose confidence especially after trauma. When dog lose confidence she will lose all […]