Wren Hunt: Celebrated when the day after christmas

Happy holiday, and merry Christmas to all of you, our dear readers, viewers and our loyal patron, here in our animal care website, we will definitely wish you a merriest Christmas and the most pleasant holiday. If you have been following our animal care website for long, then you are our loyal costumer and have already know much about our website here. Now, since this is holiday, and we have a Christmas holiday up and coming, then you might want to read all about animal with Holiday themed animal article, now here we are you we are going to give you interesting animal care website all related closely around Christmas and winter holiday occasions.

If you look closely, there are many different Christmas cultures and traditions that are very unique all around the world, and each with their own uniqueness and characteristics. Every culture and traditions have their own meaning and value. Even the simplest traditions like hanging socks have their own meaning that many people sometimes didn’t care about and don’t know the meaning of it. If we want to learn more about cultures and traditions we need to make sure we know and respect each of traditions. There are so many different cultures and traditions from all over the world and it is very interesting to learn any of it. To know more about any interesting Christmas cultures and traditions from all around the world that revolving around animals, here is one tradition you might like about it.

Have you ever heard of Wren hunt? Wren hunt is an Irish culture and traditions during the Christmas winter holiday. This tradition is celebrated in Ireland and it is celebrated the day after Christmas. During the Wren hunt, people goes out to hunt small bird called Wren, killing the bird then tying it up on the pole. You might find it sadistic or cruel, but this is traditions, and every traditions have it own meaning and backstory behind it. If you don’t know anything about it, then you shouldn’t just called it bad or something evil, instead you need to learn more in order to know more about this traditions before judging it for yourself. Here is introduction to Wren Hunt: Celebrated when the day after christmas and what you should know about it.

What is Wren hunt tradition, their back story and why they are celebrated in Ireland?

Wren hunt or Wren day or also called as hunt of the Wren day is a special days celebrated every 26th day of December every year not only by Irish but also several of other European countries.  In history, they actually hunt for the actual birds, but today they are actually using a fake Wren birds so don’t worry about it. Now, no Wren birds are harmed during the actual hunt of the Wren hunt so an animal lovers shouldn’t be worry too much about it.

  • The history of Wren hunt

In the 20th century, Wren hunt is celebrated by many people with Irish descendants from all around the Europe to celebrate a Saint Stephens day. During this day, young boys will be assigned as wren boys and they are tasked to hunt a Wren birds and then tie them up on the pole. The wren boys captain will tie a wren on the pitchfork and then together they sang a popular mummers all around the town. The wren boys will be dressed in colorful Moutley clothing, straw suits and completed with masks.

  • How they celebrate it today?

Today, Wren hunt is celebrated every St. Stephen day in 26th of December, a day after Christmas. If you want to see this interesting annual traditions, then you can go to Isle of men on the day of St Stephen. During this time, you can see a various locals performing this traditions in every locations and corner of the islands. It is such an interesting traditions to watch and today there is no wren harmed during this tradition. That’s today Wren Hunt: Celebrated when the day after christmas an introduction to interesting Irish tradition after Christmas day.