4 Tips on How to Make Your Chameleon Feel Comfortable in its Cage

Making wild animals as pets at home is kind of challenging yet fun for some people. Wild animals that are commonly kept as pets at home are snakes, lizards, chameleon, or even crocodiles. These reptiles have their own fans! However, wild animals, such as chameleons, are exposed mostly to their natural environment. If you are […]

4 Interesting Tips on How to Introduce a Newly Dog to Your Cat

Have you ever watch dogs and cats fighting? Yeah, in common situation, cats and dogs seem to be enemies. These two common pets are not commonly kept together in a house. There is not any clear reason why they cannot get along together, but do you know that some cats and dogs even build a […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Let Your Pets Have Vegan Diet

Vegan diet nowadays is a very popular lifestyle. People start this campaign for the purpose of saving the world. Surprisingly, humans that practice vegan diet also apply this lifestyle to their pets, such as dogs and cats. This lifestyle is believed to be good for humans as it is cruelty-free, good for health and environment […]

7 Ways You Should Do to Make your Cat Happy – Cat Owners Must Know!

Do you feel happy when you have a pet at home? Every pet owner is supposed to be happy when they have a pet, though having a pet at home is everyone’s choice. Because you feel happy as an owner, then you are supposed to make your pet feel happy as well. Cat is one […]

7 Simple Exercises for Your Dog to Maintain Its Health -Should be Known for Dog Owners!

Exercising is a great way to maintain our health, so for dog is. Just like us, dogs also need to exercise. There are so many benefits of exercising for dogs. Do you believe that dogs that like to exercise are well-behaved dogs? You might be wondering why. Well, dogs that like to exercise must be […]

8 Ways of How Dogs Try to Communicate with You

Have you ever tried to communicate with your pets, such as dogs or cats? Or have you ever realized that they do some things to try to communicate with you? Yeah, animals are also able to communicate with us, humans, but in different ways. Dog is known as one of the smartest and most loyal […]