8 Things To Consider Before Keeping Duck As A Pet

Human is a social creature that needs to interact each other. Many activities are done to fill the social need as a social creature. It starts from meet many friends, society, do the same hobby, going to a new place, etc. One of the interaction can be done by human and animal. We can consider […]

14 Facts of Duck Before You Decide to Breed Them

Duck is a bird species that is including in Anatidae family. Commonly, duck is an aquatic bird that usually has a smaller size than one of the relative, goose. Basically, duck can be found in a freshwater or sea. But in Indonesia, duck is one of the animal that can be beneficial for business, for […]

3 Ways of How to Keep and Care A Duck As A Pet

Keep a duck as a pet can be an impressive experience for you. Usually, duck is a bit harder to keep as a pet compared to other animals, such as dog or cat, because we have to supervise the living environment strictly Before that, you can make this how to keep and care a duck […]

11 Common Duck Diseases That Every Farmer Should Know

In duck farming, the prevention for the disease is important, and can not be avoided if you want to be a breeder. The duck can give the good benefit for us if we choose to breed it. Many ways to prevent the disease has done on the good duck breed. The duck’s health and the […]

5 Ways to Reduce Bad Smell of Duck Area

The bad smell of duck area is a serious case in a duck farming. It is often for a duck farming to get a warning from the citizens around the farming area, because of the bad smells of duck area. For the coop that is far away from the citizen’s area, it is not a […]

8 Ways How To Prevent Bird Flu in Duck

The bird flu has been one of the deadly disease in the livestock. Because of that, we should know how to prevent bird flu in duck. The bird flu is one of the deadly disease and has to get more attention, even though there are many prevention and treatment programs in many place.  10 Common […]

2 Easy Ways to Care for Abandoned Duck Egg

There are some people that say to care for abandoned duck egg is not an easy thing. The fact is that after the duck mother delivers the egg, they will leave the egg and not lay their egg first. The breeder should have the initiative to care for abandoned duck egg. They have to take […]

12 Ways of How To Clean and Disinfect A Duck Coop

The coop’s cleanliness absolutely be a comfortable place for the duck and the breeder.  It can prevent many disease that might attacks the duck anytime. There is some cause that makes the coop need to be cleaned and sterilized. Some of the reasons are maximizing the cleanliness regularly,  remove the disease virus totally, and prevent […]

7 Facts About Salted Duck Egg You Should Know

Lately, salted egg is a booming food that is sold in many places.  The salted egg is a food and has a duck egg as the main ingredient. To make the salted duck egg, soak it in a brick solvent and salt. After that, boil the egg until it is cooked. 7 Guides to cleaning […]

8 Beneficial Animals to Raise on A Small Farm

There is a lot of beneficial animals to raise on a small farm. For the beginner, a small farm is a suitable business that don’t need an expensive fund. It can be beneficial to run on a small farm, and it also can save more time than raising the animals on a big farm. Beneficial […]