3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals

When we are talking about animals, there are actually many interesting facts and many interesting information all about animals that are actually not many people didn’t know about it. From the biggest animal such as whale, to the smallest ants, to the cutest cats or dogs, animals are such beautiful and such simple creature to learn for. If you want to learn more about animals, then you have come to the right place then. Animals are such a beautiful creature and sadly not many people appreciate it much. If you are animal lovers and love to learn more about animals then you have come to the right place then. Our website is dedicated animal care website that always striving to provide any animal lovers in this world with reliable and interesting animal facts updated every day so be sure to check out our animal care website here.

Traditions and culture are something that bind people together in the certain places. Many places have their own unique traditions and cultures and every people have different kinds of cultures. Different regions may have different cultures and that’s what make this world beautiful since we have so many differences and interesting things to learn every day. However, since ancient times, animals are mentioned in lot of traditions and associated with many human cultures. Some animals have learned to thrive together with human, domesticated by human and some animals are still wild but still associated in traditions and culture. Many people teach to respect animals in their culture and many  traditions teach us to live together with animals in harmony. There are so many wonderful things to learn and so many culture to know and learn. There are many different animal facts, traditional animals and many animal culture we can learn. As for today, we will present you these 3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals culture from all around the world you might like.

These interesting animal facts all about animal culture and traditions from all around the world

To learn more about animals culture and traditions means we need to learn about traditions from all around the world. Traditions and culture are different from all around the world and we can’t expect to have always same traditions and even if it isn’t your comforting traditions. Here are examples of animals facts associated with animal traditions from all over the cultures in this world.

  • Yule goat tradition from Scandinavia

Yule goat is tradition celebrated during Christmas in many Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway. During Christmas, people will build a huge goat statue made from straw. According to myth and traditions in Scandinavia dating back from the age of Vikings, during the Yule days or winter, Thor the god of thunder will rode upon the mythical flying goat at night. To appreciate the mythical flying goat, people will build a giant goat statue using straw from the last harvested grains.

  • Kukur Tihar festival from India

Kukur Tihar is a Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal. This festival is celebrated to give thanks to other species apart from human, such as dogs, crows, and cows. This festival is actually five-days long festival that held during the autumn in Nepal. During the first days, people will worship a crows that considered as messengers of the death. Dogs will be celebrated, worshiped and appreciated during the second days, then on the third day cows are worshiped. In Hinduism, cows are sacred animals and people are restricted to kill and harm cows. In the fourth days, oxen will be praised.

  • Birds of Chile traditional festival

Chile also have a traditional festival that held to honor their animals. The national animal of Chile is Andean Condor so in Chile, there is a festival that celebrate not only the condor but actually all of the Chile birds. In the festival de Aves de Chile, people in Chile will celebrate the diversity and beauty of the Chile’s bird. This festival is perfect for any bird loving people and you might even get your chance to see the Chile national animal and actually the largest feathered bird in the world, and that is Andean Condor.

Now, these three are only examples, so have you satisfied with our 3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals article?