4 Ways To Keep Ducks Stay Cool In Hot Summertime

No one of all life creature that can deal with hot, so does the duck. Even though in their wild life duck is living free and don’t need any house to keep them safe, basically they can’t deal with hot. Moreover, if you put them to rising it in the poultry industry. As we know, […]

How To Naturally Treat Wet Feather In Ducks

Talk about feather, that’s the nearest thing that stick to duck. One layer that coated the duck in the most out of their body. This layer also protects the duck from somethings out there such like cold, water, and dirt. Where is wet feather come from? Well, that question may appear on your mind when […]

Symptoms That Your Duck Is In Wobbly And Unhappy Conditions

It may hard find out the title but guys it is true. Technically we can know what’s happened to our pet and what they feel by any symptom that surely appear in the surface. Even the symptoms of each duck are different, basically we can mark some symptom which the mainly sign to make sure […]

Is Your Duck Has Balance Problems? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Balance issue can also main problem or just one of all symptoms of a disease. Actually, this issue can be caused of the muscle or the bone of their feet but also caused by virus or bacteria. As we know that duck usually in ground and swimming in the pound. By this naturally habitual, duck […]

7 Common Duck Illnesses That Every Farmer Should Be Aware Of

Duck illness are enemy of every pet owner, so does the farmer. For poultry industry, duck sick should be treats as soon as possible to avoid illness transmitted. Why duck has more possibility of illness transmitted? As we know that duck tends to make a group when they are moving. There are minimal two of […]

6 Best Cage Type For Laying Duck Breeds

Every life creature needs to be had a house. There are some of life creature which living and take their home everywhere, and also some of them even don’t have a house time by the time. There is some many synonym of house, like cage or maybe their own body part. For poultry industry cage […]

4 Important Reasons Ducks Must Be Vaccinated

Vaccination. Well people may no longer think when hear this word. Vaccination is so familiar moreover for now when life style is getting bad and complicated. It used to protect us from any disease by building our body immune. Basically, all life creatures should be vaccinated because the disease infection is getting serious and stronger. […]

All Benefits You Must Know About Consuming Duck Eggs

Duck eggs had their own fans in society. As we know duck eggs are pretty popular with society and one of all food that should be available at home. Even some of them more like chicken egg than duck egg, but still duck egg can proves us their existence. So if we ask you why […]

5 Best Duck Breeds To Farm For Eggs

Raising duck farm for eggs is little bit difference with raising cattle duck. Even they are same as duck but the main goal and the type to earn something of the duck needs different treatment. As we know beside the cattle, eggs are the main profit that we can earn from duck farming. Reprocess of […]

5 Things To Consider When You Constructed Duck Pond

Even the duck is an animal which is not living in the water, in the fact they have natural habit that relatable by water. Yes, their natural habit is swimming. Since they were baby, the instinct to swim is already exist on the duck. Well it is not surprisingly new for us because it is […]