3 Important Things You Should Know Before Farming Sheep

With the growing of the global economic industries in this new era, encourage many people to challenge themselves to be part of these movements. The promising profit and undeniable amount of money in this hard life has changed people mindset as consumer into producer. Starting from fashion industry, technology, and most important thing is livestock […]

4 Surprising Facts of Keeping Sheep as Pet

With all the adorable and charming out look appearance, sheep make many people tempt to bring this wooly animal into their house. Oftentimes, people still thinking that raising sheep are only for livestock business – you’re wrong. In fact, there are ways to take care of sheep as pet at home – if you interested. […]

4 Ways to Take Care of Sheep As Pet at Home

Known as a livestock animal, people commonly raised sheep for farming business purpose. Sheep produce some product which very popular such lamb meat, wool, and milk – made many people decided to jump in in the sheep farming business after witnesses successful of other sheep farmers around the world. If you one of those people […]

4 Beginners Guidance to Raise Sheep in A Small Farm

Who doesn’t know about this animal? Sheep is one of iconic animal among others which often used as main character on animation figure. One serial TV that describe the nature of this animal in form of animation is called Shaun The Sheep. I bet you already know it – or at least your children know […]

4 Natural Remedies for Goats

Keeping the animal health was the main priority since the moment you decided to raise them. No matter the purpose why you chose the animal, whether you want to pet them or raised them as livestock – still, you need to keep your goat healthy from the inside and outside. Raise them in the maximum […]

How to Boost Goat’s Immune System

The fact that goat is a small ruminant make them have the same level of immune systems just like other mammalian species. Even though they share some similarities, they also contained the specific species differences. Goat and sheep as small ruminants – compare to their relative large size, had different mechanism of local immune responses, […]

What’s The Differences Between Lamb Meat and Goat Meat

Lamb and goat is one of the biggest meat production over the world. With high popularity in the mid of people, especially those whose living in Middle East Asia, North and West African countries which is demanding live animals and meat stock equally. The numbers of consumer increased especially during the religious festivals and big […]

7 Common Diseases in Goat Farming

Farming goat is one of the branch from animal husbandry. Goats are usually raised for their milk, meat, fur, and skin. Basically every part of them can be useful for human, so you may want to consider farming goat for your future business. You have to understand the basic guide for goat farming to start […]

11 Main Causes Of Infertility In Cattle Reproduction

Working in the livestock is a wonderful experience which not everyone can do. Treat animal livestock isn’t easy. Even it comes of one same type but still there are some differences between one and another. Let’s say you are farmer of cow livestock. Even you treat the same cows on a cage you will find […]

4 Guide to Take Care of Beef Cattle

Owning and raising beef cattle could have been a good business idea. But you need to have good management system and good way to take care of beef cattle to make it successful. Owning a beef cattle require to do feeding, maintaining facilities, monitoring sign of illness from cattle, assisting with calving and performing artificial […]