6 Tips of How to Pet Siberian Husky at Home for Beginners

Siberian husky is a medium size working dog with a beautiful thick coat that comes in a multitude of colours and markings. They are one of popular breed that people adopted as their long life companion, their friendly temperament and easy grooming are few reason why they are great to be pet. Husky are very […]

6 Top Causes of Why Cat Won’t Eat and How to Treat It (Causes and Treatment)

Most of cat’s owners must’ve encountered this problem for at least once with their cats. For the experienced cats’ owner, they usually already know how to handle it. But for some that’s not really sure or maybe even clueless? This article will talk about 6 top causes of why cat won’t eat and how to treat […]

3 Easy tips to train a dog to guard your house

A guard dog can be trained to protect your house. Most people think that a guard dog is trained to attack, but that is wrong, a guard dog isn’t trained to attack. They are trained to protect without attacking, for example they can patrol around the house and keep watch, and they can bark when […]

4 Tips To Take Care Of A Puppy When You’re Out To Work

Are you a full time worker but you want to have a puppy at home? Don’t worry, we have some tips to take care of a puppy when you’re out to work. Yes it’s very challenging to balance your time between work and your puppy. However, there are several options to choose that can be […]

12 Most Important Guide To Take Care of Baby Bunny Without Its Mother

Bunnies are one of the most popular animals to take care. This is because of the popular cute and adorable. But, sometimes the baby bunny have to separate with it’s mother due to death, stress or unwilling to take care of their baby bunnies. In that moments, if you want to take care them, so […]

4 Safest Ways to Take Care Newborn Kittens for Beginners

“Congratulations. You got newborn kittens. Aaaa, it is super cute.” Getting a newborn kitten is just like getting a new baby. You bless with a new, special experience with lots of joy, warmth, and many laughs. Kittens are super fun, cute, adorable, loving, and entertaining. BUT, caring newborn kittens is not easy. The kittens require […]

3 Steps to Take Care of Cat’s Fur at Home Effectively (Include bathing tips!)

A thick, lustrous cat’s fur is a sign of good health, beautiful, a delight to touch, and supremely functional. Cat’s has as many as 130.000 furs per square inch of its fur. Its fur functions giving a cat sensory data, protecting it from heat and cold, and manufacturing a cat vital nutrients (vitamin D). Proper […]

5 methods to stop dog aggression towards people

When dogs growl or bark at people, they are showing a sign of anxiety or fear toward them. this behavior can be dangerous for other people and your dog. You need to act fast before things escalate and caused things that are more serious. The least thing you want to do is punishing your dog […]

5 Things Every New Cat Parent Should Know (Don’t Panic)

“It’s an adorable cat! Congratulations, you become a new cat parent officially.” So, is this your first time having a cat? Worried about cat’s behavior? No idea about cat’s feeding? Wondering about what a litter box is? Keep calm and DON’T PANIC. Getting a new family member in your home can be a daunting. You […]

5 effective ways to stop aggressive behavior of dog

All dogs no matter the size can be aggressive and as a good owner you don’t want your dog to be aggressive. An aggressive dog could bring so many problems, it might attack a person and other pets. Not only that your dog may also get hurt for its behavior. Training your dog to not […]