How To Teach Your Older Dog To Accept A New Puppy

You may be thinking of getting a new puppy to bring more joyous to your house. You may also think to get a new companion for your older dog at home. Maybe a new blood will give a new excitement to the older dog so he can feel new energy in the house. If you […]

Top 15 dogs that are most likely to run away from home

It doesn’t matter how much your dog loves you, his nature calls sometimes win over it. Too many temptations out there which calls the dog out. Cats, squirrels, birds, meat fragrance, all are tempting them to go out and find them out. If you have a dog among certain breeds below, you should prepare yourself […]

8 Reasons of Why A Dog Runs Away From Home

Have you seen a lot of stray dogs wandering around? Do you know why they end up at the street? I think some of them are abandoned and some are run away dogs. Maybe there are some other reasons which we don’t know why. As animal lovers, we don’t like to see the dogs end […]

4 Effective Ways to Stop Hamster From Eating Her Babies

Congratulation! Your hamster has officially become a mom! But whether you’re overjoyed or surprise by the babies, there is going to be some worries. That is because you must’ve ever heard that hamster sometime eat their own babies. This is sound very scary but it’s actually a tactics for survival. There are some circumstances or […]

How To Train Your Dog Not To Run Away From Home

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are wonderful companion that can bring joy and love into your lives. But what if your dog keeps running away from home? It will tire you out to feel the fear of him getting caught up with something bad outside. Don’t worry, there are some tips and trick on […]

3 Tips to Massage Your Rabbit

There are around 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Rabbit As Your Pet, and by taking rabbit as your pet, you have obligation to make them happy and keep healthy, one of it by giving them a massage. Not only human, and other pet like cat and dog, rabbit pet also love to be massaged. By […]

How To Train Your Dog Using Shock Collar

Professional trainers will not easily decide to choose electronic or shock collar to train his dogs. They will choose positive reinforcement training at the beginning. However, if their goal to train the dog is hard to achieve due to some situations, they might consider using this type of tool to help them training the dogs […]

How To Make Your Dog Stay In The Yard

Dogs love to be in spacious space to run, to play and to roam around. The good provided space for this needs is to let him out in the yard where he can be free to wander and to run to his heart content. However, you need to ensure that your dog is safe out […]

How to Tame A Feral Cat and Bring It Into Your Home

What many consider as domestic cats is an animal adopted from a pet store or a local shelter. Before being taken by their new owner, those cats had received direct treatment from their caretakers. This means they have become accustomed to humans, often friendly to them. Then, there are feral cats. Unlike the previous ones, […]

7 Difference of Domestic and Wild rabbit (Hare)

Rabbit is one popular pet, but many people have can’t differentiate his beloved pet is a domestic rabbit or the wild one. Some people might conclude wild rabbit and domestic rabbit as one kind of species because of the similarity of their look. Wild rabbit, that called as the hare is in the same family as […]