3 Ways to Take Care of Hamster After Giving Birth

When you already know everything about your hamster’s pregnancy, it would be much easier for you to take care of them. You will know how they’re going to behave, what to do with the cage, what do to with other hamster, what to do with the food. You will know on how to handle them in general […]

2 Easy Ways to Care for Mother Hamster With Its Babies

You probably think when your hamster become a mother and has babies you will have a hard time to take care of them. As you will take care of more hamster and that apart from the mother you will take care of the babies. It would be okay to think that way if it’s your […]

How To Take Care A Mommy Hamster After Giving Birth

Many beginners are confused, how to take care a mommy hamster after giving birth? So, below here there are some solutions to take care of your mommy hamster at home. Let’s check it out what are the solutions. 1. Take out the male hamster Please take out the male hamster before mommy hamster giving birth. […]

How To Have Mini Cow As Your Pet

Usually people tend to use dogs, cats even fishes to be their pet at home. But if you live in the country side, or a deserted neighbourhood. On a large house, or just a huge backyard, you might want to consider having a mini cows as your pet. Miniature cows or just mini cows are […]

Things to Know About Dairy Cows to Breed

One of the purpose of doing cattle farming is for the milk production, raising dairy cows requires close attention so they could produce many milk as possible. Having dairy cows to breed will require some planning, close observation, regular mating and regular milk production. Dairy cows need to breed in order to produce calves to […]

10 Tips To Take Care Of A Pregnant Hamster At Home

Is your hamster pregnant? How to take care of a pregnant hamster at home? The following below here there are 10 tips to take care of a pregnant hamster at home. These tips may help you out how to handle a hamster mother. There are several rules that you must do. So, let’s check these […]

How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners

This pet is so cute, funny and adorable always. Hamster is an animal that has many varieties of colors and they have a short tale. This pet is usually picked by people because this pet is very tiny and it is easy to take care.  Hamster is a nocturnal animal, it means they are more […]

8 Tips On How To Take Care Of A Puppy At Night Time

Yipee…..I finally have a puppy. I am very happy, I am very excited. But wait…….are you sure you will still feel happy after experiencing it for a few nights? Are you ready to take care of your puppy? Because a puppy is like a baby. You will have to spend your time taking care of […]