5 methods to stop dog aggression towards people

When dogs growl or bark at people, they are showing a sign of anxiety or fear toward them. this behavior can be dangerous for other people and your dog. You need to act fast before things escalate and caused things that are more serious. The least thing you want to do is punishing your dog […]

5 Things Every New Cat Parent Should Know (Don’t Panic)

“It’s an adorable cat! Congratulations, you become a new cat parent officially.” So, is this your first time having a cat? Worried about cat’s behavior? No idea about cat’s feeding? Wondering about what a litter box is? Keep calm and DON’T PANIC. Getting a new family member in your home can be a daunting. You […]

5 effective ways to stop aggressive behavior of dog

All dogs no matter the size can be aggressive and as a good owner you don’t want your dog to be aggressive. An aggressive dog could bring so many problems, it might attack a person and other pets. Not only that your dog may also get hurt for its behavior. Training your dog to not […]

4 Important Tips to Take Care of A Puppy Without Its Mother

Having an orphaned pup at such a young age can be challenging yet rewarding. When they are too young to be separated from their mother, they will be too vulnerable to survive by themselves. To save the young puppy, we should act as its mother until it reaches the age of 6 to 8 weeks […]

6 Easiest ways of caring puppy at home for beginners

Who doesn’t love cute little puppies with their adorable eyes? Having a new puppy can give you happiness and joy but dealing with this cute little one can be tiresome too. It needs lots of hard work as you have to teach the puppy from zero. But don’t be afraid. All of the tiresome will […]

7 Ways you need to know of how to Take Care a Pregnant dog

When you first found out that your dog is pregnant, it might feel overwhelming. Some people feel anxious about their dog’s health and sometimes the dog acts differently than usual and you are wondering if you did anything wrong. This is normal if you never had a pregnant dog before. But don’t worry as a […]

3 Basic Ways to Take Care of Cats at Home for Beginners

Having love affair with a cat or just think about it? With an adorable face, affectionate personality, and intimate “meow” tones there is nothing better than taking it home. When it comes to adopt a cat, it also means like looking after your children. If you treat your cat with proper care and training when […]

4 Easy guide to take care of dog at home for beginners

Dogs are men’s best friend. Have you ever heard that phrase? Yes, a lot of people express their love for dogs because of dogs’ nature. They are loyal, smart, adorable, loving and also protective. Though they have many positive traits, you must not forget that they come with responsibilities. Yes, you should be responsible to […]